Intensive Ticks

Mosquito Mob's Intensive Tick service is a specialized pest control service designed to provide additional protection against ticks. This service is ideal for customers who live in areas with a high tick population or those who have pets that are susceptible to tick bites. Unlike our standard barrier sprays, the Intensive Tick service uses a granular application that provides a longer-lasting and more targeted approach to tick control. The granular product is applied to specific areas of your property where ticks are most likely to be found, such as tall grasses, bushes, and wooded areas. Our trained technicians will carefully identify the areas that require treatment and apply the granular product using specialized equipment. The granular product contains active ingredients that specifically target ticks, providing effective and long-lasting protection against these pests. With Mosquito Mob's Intensive Tick service, you can enjoy your outdoor space with the peace of mind that you and your pets are protected from ticks. Contact Mosquito Mob today to schedule your Intensive Tick service and add an additional layer of tick protection to your home.